Last of the Po’ Ricans y Otros Afro-Artifacts


Poems by Not4Prophet
Graphics by Vagabond
Introduction by Tony Medina
Jun. 2014 | ISBN-13: 978-0-9884763-2-5 (eBook)



LAST OF THE PO’RICANS Y OTROS AFRO-ARTIFACTS, the debut poetry collection of Not4Prophet, provides an incredible verbal and musical profusion of poetry that reflects the cultural landscapes of the perpetual islands of Puerto Rican and New York City through the eyes of a Puerto Rican born in Ponce, living in El Barrio/East Harlem and the South Bronx. As he elaborates this “otherness,” which includes the hassles of poverty, racial pride and racial discord, Not4Prophet pays homage to the old school cats from the Nuyorican and Black Arts movements. Written in free verse and layered with cultural and historical references, LAST OF THE PO’RICANS breaks boundaries and challenges us with iconic imagery and word play that dares to speak of the unspeakable.. With graphics by Vagabond and an introduction by Tony Medina.

What People Are Saying

Like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day . . . no . . . more like an oasis not a mirage on this desert we call earth . . . not4Prophet comes to bring relief . . . to let you . . . me . . . all thinking people know . . . we are not alone . . . .

— Nikki Giovanni, Poet

In Last of the Po’Ricans, Not4Prophet delivers “The Daily News” of poetry in a hip-hop beat entangled in blues/plena/ rock ‘n roll/punk/fusion/folk jazz mixed with explosive emotions crafted into each outburst. He delivers rapid fire political, apolitical, patriotic, treasonous, nationalistic, anti-capitalistic, take it or leave it, fuck it, in your face poetry that excites and incites.

—Jesús Papoleto Meléndez
Nuyorican Poet and Author of Hey Yo! Yo Soy!

Not4Prophet’s Last of the Po’Ricans, is a BeBop collage of images that saturate the mind with images of an El Barrio word warrior. It takes you on his trip through the ‘hood in his heart and mind with a keen sense of alliteration as his signature.

— Abiodun Oyewole
poet, teacher and founding member of the
American music and spoken-word group, The Last Poets

The poet’s nu, yo, and he’s rican as ri can. He claims to be po’rican, and that po is for the poEMS you know, bro, as the rican is rich as a tostones slangwhich. . . . a Prophet for our time.”

— Bob Holman, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club


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