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2Leaf Press Launches 2LP Bookshop, where readers can purchase ebooks directly from 2Leaf Press.

“We are excited to finally launch 2LP Book Shop and sell our ebooks directly to consumers, says publisher, Gabrielle David. “Our ebooks will continue to be available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo and other online outlets, but as a small press, we wanted to offer as many paths to consumers as possible.” This latest development serves a two-fold purpose: it allows 2Leaf Press to develop a new retail channel that connects readers to its websites utilizing direct-to-consumer sales and marketing. 2LP Book Shop focuses solely on readers, helping them engage with 2Leaf Press’ authors and titles. All titles are available in ePub and Kindle formats.

Publishers have traditionally been hesitant to launch their own e-commerce operations, selling directly to readers. Managing an e-commerce operation can be complex, difficult and not a core competency for publishers. However, the latest technology (Woocommerce), and the fact that once ordered, ebooks can be immediately downloaded, makes it a smart move for a small press such as 2Leaf Press. In recent months, commercial publishers such as HarperCollins, to smaller publishers such as Verso, a New York- and London-based publisher of political and philosophical titles, have launched successful e-commerce operations.

Like other retail sites, 2LP Bookshop will offer promotions (including “freebies”), specials and discounts off its ebooks, as well as 2Leaf Press merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, caps and bags.

Says David, “We believe this retail presence will not only help us to readily connect our readers to our books and authors, it will provide a better profit margin to both the press and by extension, to our authors.”

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